It’s what the customer searches for that matters

Lou Truyens has a clever business, Mobile Onsite Shredding. He has a large truck that contains a powerful shredding machine. He takes it to the customer’s site and shreds the material then and there and the customer can watch the whole process if desired. Customers can see their sensitive material destroyed – safe and secure. The following video, from Lou’s website, shows it all.

A few weeks ago, Lou had a sudden realisation. He could always find his site on Google when he put in “mobile onsite shredding” – in fact, he was #1. But, on this day he realised that’s not what his customers or prospects put into Google when looking for his services. They searched for “document destruction” or “document destruction wellington” and not only was Lou’s website not on the first page, it wasn’t on any of the first ten pages – effectively invisible when people looked for Lou’s services.

We search engine optimised Lou’s site for the search phrase “document destruction wellington” and after a few weeks it’s appeared on the first page in Google – and it’ll go up further yet.

It’s what the customer is looking for that matters – ensure your site can be found on those terms not just your business name.


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