Gaming Google – that’s short-term thinking

One of the key factors in the Google search algorithm (or this facetious explanation) is the number and quality of backlinks (links that go to your site).

Recently, an online eyeglasses store, DecorMyEyes, came up with a novel way of getting lots of backlinks – provide incredibly bad service to get customers writing comments all over online forums, blogs etc with links to the DecorMyEyes website. It worked a treat and their Google search results improved markedly.

Predictably, Google found out, were embarrassed and have since changed their algorithm to not reward links from unfavourable comment.

End result: DecorMyEyes loses pagerank and a bunch of customers and negative feedback all over the web. Effective search engine optimisation is a long-term process – dodgy short-term tricks can work for a while but will get hammered in the long run.


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