5 reasons to be top of Google

1. More customers through the door

This literally the number 1 reason – it will get you more sales.

Here are a couple of quotes from customers who have #1 positions on Google for their services:

Since optimisation, I have patients / clients who say that they located me and chose my business as a direct result of keyword internet search. This did not happen before.

Another customer story – she used Google to find “picture framers in Wellington”, and we were the first on the list, so she came to us.
So, you can get some customers simply by virtue of your position in search results – if the customer gets a match to what they’re looking for on the first entry on Google why look further?

2. More customers to your website

Obviously the step before getting them through the door, but you’re more likely to get traffic to your website – and then it’s up to your website to complete the conversion.

Caution: If your website is poor at converting visits into enquiries or sales then getting more traffic isn’t going to help you a lot. Work on creating a more persuasive site first, then optimise.

3. Deny the competition

If you’re not high in search engine results you’re pretty much giving away web traffic (and foot traffic, see #1 above) to your competition who are better positioned.

Where you come up on Google is an indicator of your competitive advantage – or lack of.

4. Brand recognition

Visibility is a key element of brand recognition. When your name keeps popping up in front of people, sooner or later they will take a closer look. If they’ve already heard of you and now your name appears near the top of Google you have a high chance of getting a site visit.

5. You may not need to get a website visit to get a phone call or visit

If you have a physical address, then ensure that you have a complete entry in Google Places. When these show up (if properly done) they contain your address and phone number. You can get a physical visit or phone call without the person actually looking at your website.

List of Google results showing Google Places entries that display address and phone number.

To make the most of your website and web presence, you need to be as high up on Google as possible.


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