Your facebook fan page and the revolution

Kick out the old facebook regime and march in the new

Crowd demonstrates under Facebook fan page flagOn February 10th facebook revolutionised your facebook fan page and gave you the choice of running with the changes immediately or waiting until March 11 when they will become compulsory.

May as well take the plunge with the rest of us.

What’s new on facebook fan pages you administer?

  • Use facebook as if it was Your Page: You can now receive notifications for a fan Page that you have admin rights to, view the News Feed of the Page, and ‘like’ and post on other facebook Pages as if you were this Page.
  • A Photo gallery along the Top: Thumbnails of the five latest photos you have posted to your Fan Page Wall, or photos you tag your Page in are displayed at the top of the page. Don’t want one of those featured? mouse-over and click the cross. You have no control over the order however.
  • Profile image dimensions: Your facebook Fan Page profile picture size is now 180×540. Mouse over the image and click the “change picture” link to update it.
  • Navigation changes: The tabs at the top of your old Fan Page have been moved the left sidebar. Where did the text underneath your Page profile picture go? It’s in the Info tab, adjust this by selecting the ‘edit info’ link at the top of the Info tab.
  • Featured Pages and Admins: Display Pages your Fan Page ‘likes’ or admins of your Page, in the new “Likes” and “Page Owners” area on the left column of your Fan Page.
  • Useful email notifications: Want to receive emails when people post or comment on your Fan Page? Make sure your email notifications settings are correct using the ‘edit page’ button.
  • Common Connections:
    Web Success facebook pageVisitors to your Fan Page can view friends who also ‘like’ your Page as well as Pages that you both like.
  • Publicly visible Wall Filters: Your Fan Page now has two Wall filters, namely ‘Posts by Page’ and ‘Everyone’.  As the Page admin you can also view additional filters, ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Hidden Posts’.

It’s good to see facebook responding to our protestations, long may it last.

Alistair McAlpine is a long-time broadcaster and the resident writer/web strategist for internet marketing company Web Success in Wellington, New Zealand.

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