It’s not what you want to eat, it’s what I want to cook

A tale of poor customer service in the food sector.

Wet day Saturday in Wellington – a great day for cafe culture so we popped into Olive Cafe on Cuba Street for something to eat and drink. Arriving at 2:45pm we were given Brunch menus, which indicated the brunch menu was from 9am to 3pm. Happily chatting away we didn’t order till 3pm (no one came to ask for our orders either) – and were told the kitchen was closed. Unbelievable - apparently no cooked food available. So we considered our options and I thought I’d try to find out what was happening and went to the counter. Asked the waitress who served us initially what was happening – so she asked the manager who said ask the chef.  I’m waiting for the response - which arrives a minute or two later. It’s now past 3pm, and they offer me the  Tapas menu – we’ll need to select from that menu. But, we knew what we wanted and it wasn’t on the Tapas menu and it seemed they weren’t really very interested in our custom – so we left.

Five to 3 you can have brunch items, five past 3 you can only have tapas. Whose interests are being served here? Where is the thinking located – in the customer’s experience or the kitchen’s operation?


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