Your website needs a Facebook Like button

Laurel and Hardy like the facebook like button

Customers who click stick through thin and thick

Facebook Like gets our thumbsup

What happens when Jo Brown clicks your Like button can make a real difference to your business.

The Facebook Like button is a powerful business tool when placed on your website and is often overlooked. It allows your visitors and customers to quickly point their friends and family to your website.

When Jo Brown clicks the Facebook Like button on your website she is making a strong social statement.

A facebook like button for your business website

“I like this and I want all my friends to know about it.”

How does it work?

When Jo clicks your Like button this message appears on her Facebook Wall

Jo Browns facebook Like button message

More importantly, this message also appears on her friend’s News Feeds, where they hang out to keep an eye on what’s going on.

The important bit for your business

When Jo’s friends read this message they are likely to want to know:

  1. What is it Jo likes enough to broadcast to the world?
  2. Why does she like it?
  3. What am I missing out on?

There are two links embedded in Jo’s message:

  1. A link on her name which takes them to her Wall
  2. A link on your business name which takes them to your website.

The link to your website will allow them to follow their friend’s pointing finger and answer their questions.

You don’t even need to be on Facebook

Many Facebook users see Like buttons as a great way to share stuff with friends, family, prospects and clients. What many businesses often don’t realise is that they don’t even have to maintain a Facebook fan page to benefit from a Facebook Like button on the pages of their business website.

The Like button works independently of your Facebook account or Facebook Business Page by pointing your customer’s friends to your website via their Facebook Account.

Of course there are many reasons why your business would benefit from a Facebook business fanpage but we won’t go into those now.

How do I put a Facebook Like button on my website?

Adding a Facebook like button to your website can be done quickly with even a basic knowledge of html.
Simply go to this webpage to get the Facebook Like button html code to place on your website.

Don’t even want to think about html?  Web Success can affordably do this for you.

A simple Facebook Like button can increase web traffic, customers and your bottom line.


Alistair McAlpine is a long-time broadcaster and the resident writer/web strategist for internet marketing company Web Success in Wellington, New Zealand.

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