Can you make it happen?

You can have the range, the quality, the reputation but can you make it happen for the customer when they want it? And, especially if you’re selling the same stuff as your competitors then being able to make it happen is a key competitive advantage.

The stove top blew up last week – no boiling, stewing or frying happening. Guests coming Saturday night – Saturday the only available day for shopping, we needed a new stove same day.

Pretty soon it becomes obvious that you have little choice – Westinghouse or Fisher and Paykel.

First stop Farmers – a couple of good deals, but no we don’t have a truck, we don’t deliver but you can take one from the display otherwise it’s seven days. Newbolds – same offerings, no deals but they do deliver – $70 – a possibility. Noel Leeming – same offerings, no price advantage – have to order it in, be two to three days. What about installation – make sure you take the plug off the back of the old one as you’ll need that for the new one. OK – back to Newbolds they look like they can make it happen.

Delivery and installation all arranged, be there in 2 hours.

Newbolds made the sale, I’m happy and their brand went up a notch or two in my estimation. They made it happen – same range, same price elsewhere.

In the mortgage finance field, Peter Bozinoff has built a business around his reputation for being the guy who can make it happen – fast. That’s not what he says; it’s what his customers say about him.

It’s not just delivering exactly what the customer wants – it’s delivering when they want it that creates superior customer service.


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