This blog is intended to inform, educate, provoke and entertain  business owners and people in not-for-profits and government who are responsible for their organisation’s web marketing.

Mostly, the blog will focus on how to use web technology for profit and that the principle of centering all communications from the customers’ perspective is the most effective way to reach them – and hence for you to achieve your goals.

Apologies in advance

Sometimes I will use real examples from the web or elsewhere to illustrate a point. Real examples are so much easier to use and people can relate to them well rather than use vague abstracts. If your business, organisation or website has been used on this site to illustrate a point where something could be done better – I’m not trying to take a whack at you, there are probably hundreds or thousands of similar examples out there. Similarly, if I’ve praised you highly it doesn’t necessarily mean that I endorse your products, services, messages etc etc (unless I explicitly say so) – just means you did something well that others can learn from. Either way – thank you.


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